How to Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India | Buy UC After the ban 2021

Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

How to Purchase Uc in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India Or How to Add uc in pubg mobile after the ban. This is one of the questions which needs to be solved in order to buy the upcoming royal pass for Season 17 Pubg mobile. Today we will be showing in-depth steps for Purchasing UC (Unknown Cash) in-game. As you know, due to the ban by the Indian Government, Pubg mobile is impossible to buy Uc from the store using our conventional method. Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in india

Generally, you can use RazorGold to Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India but that’s the case this time around.

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How to Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

Why can’t you Buy Uc in India?

Due to the Indian Government Rules Pubg mobile was banned from the Indian play store due to its link with China. As you know we are China is notorious for Spying on other countries. So to retaliate, the Indian Government Banned 300+ apps for the Indian Play store and Pubg was one of them. So the servers in India also got blocked and stopped by the government.

As a result, you cannot buy Uc in pubg mobile using the conventional method. You have to Use this article to get uc after banning in India.

Should you Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

This decision is based on you we are just providing steps on how to purchase uc in pubg after the ban. Even if pubg is still banned it is still open for other countries. Even Pubg mobile India will be launching in few days so really saying pubg is still open to play. Unknown Cash UC is useful for almost all transactions in-game. You cannot buys crates, royal pass or materials without adding Uc to your account on Pubg mobile. This UC which you will buy will go to the developers of the game.

South Korea is the home country of our game known by Pubg Mobile. South Korea’s Krafton Union Gaming is the brains behind the game and is the sole developer of Pubg Mobile India and several other countries. Krafton broke ties with Tencent games after the ban in India and some parts of the US. Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

Will the Uc get shifted to Pubg Mobile India

All the Purchases you have made in your lifetime on the pubg mobile account will be transferred to the new game launching soon in India. The Pubg mobile India will have the option to buy uc as the older pubg had the options to buy. Basically all the items you have in-game that you collected will be transferred to pubg mobile India. Also, you Uc that you will purchase in order to Buy a royal pass for newest season will be added. You do not have to worry about resetting your pubg mobile property or the in-game items.

As a professional Company, Krafton will make sure all of your data is available on the Indian version of Pubg Mobile. Just Follow the Steps so you can add Uc to pubg mobile during the ban.

Steps to Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India.

1) Method #1 Use Gold Razer Pay to Buy Uc

  1. Firstly Open in browser and Login to your Account. If you don’t have an account create one. For creating new Account just follow the steps given below Which are really easy. Other can skip to Step 3.

RazerGold Website Click Here

MidasBuy Website Click here

Buy Uc pubg mobile

2. If you don’t have an Account fill in all Options to create one account on the Razer gold pay website. Nevertheless, you can also use Facebook, Google, or Twitch to Sign Up. You need to sign in to Use Razor gold pay which is important for buying UC. Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

Step 2

3. After you Sign up for an Account and Login go to the Homepage of the Website. If you can see the profile Pic on the top left as seen in the Image below. Basically, click on that and then you would see the Reload button next to gold Coins. Click on the Orange RELOAD button and go to the next step. Purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in India

Step 3

4. Secondly, Click on Any Payment Method you like or are available to you. Additionally, put in Further Information for it to Verify.

Step 4

5. Thirdly put in the Amount of UC you need. Now here Pavan put in 8000 for getting 8000 UC. So if you need 600 UC put in 600 as seen below in the image.

How to buy Uc Pubg mobile in ban

6. As a result after putting in the Amount you will get OTP for Authentication of your Account. Wait for few Secs when OTP arrives put in the OTP no and continue.

Step 6

Adding money to Razerpay.

7. After that put in your Payment Information as shown below if you select PayTm this what you will get. After that is done move forward.

Step 7

8. Now You’ll see the Verification of payment from the payment site or payment method you selected.

Step 8

9. Therefore you will see the image below where it is written Reload Successful. Also you will see a Green tick in circle that means Payment was Successful.

Step 9

10. Lastly go to

They will show the Error message. That message reads like this “Recharge Service is currently not available in your Region. Please Switch to Other Regions” Continue to next step.

Step 10

11. Most Important Step Select Honk Kong (China) option. Other options won’t work so if you wanna buy you have to choose that option.

Step 11 Buy Uc pubg mobile

12. Similarly, now select the Top-Up under Unknown Cash.

Step 12 But Uc pubg mobile

Further procedure on MidasBuy to buy uc PUBG MOBILE after ban

13. Put in your Player Id from Pubg Mobile on the Account you want UC on. Select Razer Gold Option in payment Method. Select UC pack in this Case Pavan selected 6000UC + 2000UC to get 8000UC. You select amount you put in Razer Gold account.

Step 13

14. Continue to Pay through the Razer Gold site They will take you to Checkout page. Furthermore, verify the amount needed and Proceed to Checkout. Click on proceed to checkout button after that.

Step 14

15. Hence, you will be sent to a payment gateway. Basically, this step is important for confirmation of your order. Whereas, this step stops any scam.

Step 15

16. just fill the OTP recieved from system message and paste it into the verification tab.

Step 16

17. In conclusion, you will see confirmation page which means payment was successful. Payment Amount will be shown check it.

Step 17

18. Therefore you have officially bought UC from Midasbuy into your Account you can check it. Moreover, you can check the game if your UC has gone up. purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in india

purchase UC in Pubg Mobile after Ban in india

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