5 Best ways to access Godaddy Email login?

How to access Godaddy Email login?

It’s simple to get into Godaddy Email login. In this article, you will learn about various techniques for logging into GoDaddy Email. Before that, let’s understand this concept first.

Godaddy Email login: What is it?

When we come across the word “email”, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Gmail.” Isn’t it?

Gmail is an ESP. In layman’s terms, ESP is Email Service Provider. And, the best example for the term is Google’s Gmail.

The ESP Gmail also gives an extension called MIME which stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, which we use to send photos, videos, documents, and other files via the internet.

Google’s Gmail is not the only ESP that we have. There are several other ESPs, some of them are yahoo.com, outlook.com, etc.

Similarly, GoDaddy also is an ESP. But, can everyone access GoDaddy Email Login?

Who can access Godaddy Email login?

Everyone can access Google’s Gmail until and unless that is Gmail for business.

But, not everyone can just log into GoDaddy and check their email there. You have to understand it better.

Case Study-1:

If you buy a domain from GoDaddy there you will get an option to add a business email which will cost you around $6 per year, if it is a personal account. For business email, it can cost you double the price.

Suppose you buy a domain named webhosting.com.

You will get to customize your email name like [email protected]

That is up to you. You can write anything in the place of yourname.

Later, you can send an email from this ESP to someone.

Can you notice the difference?

While sending a mail from Gmail from google, your email would be [email protected] But while sending it from GoDaddy, it will be a custom email.

For accessing Godaddy Email, you have to have a domain first. It is mandatory for GoDaddy webmail login

Ways to access Godaddy Email Login

You can access the Godaddy Workspace Webmail email server literally using anything, be it a desktop, tablet, or Godaddy’s own mobile app.

It will enable you to check the messages or send a message from your account associated with the domain you purchased.

The domain should be hosted by GoDaddy.

These are the 5 ways listed below using which you can access Godaddy Email Login.

Godaddy Email Access by Accessing the Godaddy Dashboard

You can get access to Godaddy’s Workspace Webmail by signing in to your Godaddy account. Steps that you should follow to access Godaddy Email Login are given below.

Step-1: Open any browser. Go with Google Chrome. Visit Godaddy by clicking here.

Step-2: Login to your Godaddy account.

Step-3: Go to the dashboard.

Step-4: Click on the “Email Management” option.

Step-5: There will be the emails which you are operating. Next to it, there would be an option named “Webmail.”

Step-6: Click on “Webmail” and open the account in the Webmail Tool.

GoDaddy Email Access via DesktopClient

You have to know about POP and IMAP before you use this method.

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. When you have an email account in GoDaddy and you don’t want to log in to GoDaddy again and again to check messages, you can take the help of this facility.

It simply downloads all the emails which are there on your server and synchronize. Later you can read those mails without accessing GoDaddy.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. For retrieving emails, we use this facility. This is also very much similar to POP3.

You have to set up your email client for POP access to your Godaddy email accounts. For that, you need to configure your email application.

  • For incoming server settings of pop.secureserver.net, use the port number 110.
  • For incoming server settings of imap.secureserver.net, use port number 143.
  • For the outgoing server settings use smtpout.secureserver.net  and the port number as 80.

GoDaddy Email Access via Web Browser

You have already come across several free email clients or email service providers such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, rocketmail.com, etc.

Before accessing those free email clients, what we usually do is that open chrome, yahoo, safari, UC browser, opera, internet explorer, or any web browser.

Then we type the Email service provider’s name and we face an interface where we have to fill up some details and then get to access the mails.

Similarly, to access Godady Email login we have to go through the same steps. Those steps are mentioned below. Using these steps you can access Godaddy webmail or Workspace Webmail.

Step-1: Open any browser. Search Godaddy.

Step-2: You can also simply log in by visiting Godady here.

Step-3: Look for the GoDaddy email tool.

Step-4: When you get to see the GoDaddy email tool, simply log in by providing your GoDaddy email credentials.

Step-5: Godaddy credentials are your name and your password.

Godaddy Email Mobile Access

Godaddy provides a free, secure, easy-to-use mobile app, both for android users and iPhone users.

Android users can get the app in Playstore and iPhone users can get the app in AppStore.

Now, the question is how to access GoDaddy email login?

Step-1: Download the app from the play store or app store.

Step-2: Launch the app on your device.

Step-3: Click on the “Email management” option to open the Godaddy email dashboard.

Step-4: Log in by providing the necessary details such as email and password.

Step-5: Click on login to access the email account.

GoDaddy WebEmail Access via Mobile Browser

To check your Godaddy email account’s mail, you can directly log in to GoDaddy via a mobile browser.

Follow these below steps to login to go daddy web mail login.

Step-1: Launch a mobile browser.

Step-2: Provide the URL.

Step-3: As your accessing it from a site, there will be something written as “m.” before the site’s name. You do not have to write it. It will automatically get converted to a mobile browser.

Step-4: You can also directly access the GoDaddy login page here.

Step-5: Provide your GoDaddy webmail credentials and you are good to use GoDaddy email login.

Final words: Godaddy Webmail Login

Accessing Godaddy Webmail is super easy when you have several options in front of you.

You can use a mobile, tablet, app, desktop, etc to access the mail.

Having a custom email is more important as you have more control over it over other mails provides by ESPs.

But, to use a custom email from GoDaddy, you have to, first of all, buy a domain from GoDaddy itself, and then you can access the GoDaddy webmail and Godaddy email login.

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