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In today’s world, who doesn’t enjoy listening to music? However, not everyone wants to download music as much as they used to. Spotify is the perfect music streaming service for those who want to listen to a wide variety of songs both online and offline.

If you use Spotify, you’re probably aware that it also has a premium service. There are several different types of best features, but not everyone can afford premium, so for those users, we are going to have a free Spotify Premium account. They will then be able to quickly access Spotify Premium for free.

You’ve all shared the Spotify Premium APK here, and you can also download it, and today we’re giving you all a free Spotify Premium account. You will log in by copying and pasting the username and password from the list below.

What is Spotify premium?

Do you enjoy listening to music? And have no idea where to go. So, this is where we’re going to talk about it. You’ve probably heard of Spotify if you’re a music fan who enjoys listening to your favorites band.

Spotify is an online music streaming service that was created on April 23, 2006, and released on October 7, 2008. So, instead of delving into history, let us focus on the current situation.

Well talking about the best music streaming company, Spotify does get counted into that. Spotify is available on Google play store and Apple iOS store as well. Being one of the best music streaming company, Spotify does you its different plans.

Spotify has three plans, the free one, the Premium one, and the family one. In the free service, they run a lot of ads. The different type of advertisements is audio ads, video ads, and picture ads.

Spotify Premium plans and pricing

When it comes to Spotify premium, people often inquire about its plans and fees. Spotify is a music streaming service that costs 9.99 dollars per month. If you are a student, you can receive a 50% discount, making the total cost 4.99 dollars.

Due to the high cost of the subscription, Spotify offers a 30-day trial period to its users. You will use Spotify as a paid member for the next 30 days.


Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

People think twice before subscribing to Spotify because it is a little pricey. To give you an idea of the differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, here are some examples. There are a number of advertisements on Spotify free. Spotify premium does not show any advertisements.

Spotify free can only be used online; however, Spotify premium can be used offline. Spotify premium has a download feature that allows you to download any song and listen to it whenever you want. The free version of Spotify does not allow high-quality audio, while the paid version does.

Only Spotify Premium subscribers have access to high-quality audio. If you have a free Spotify account, you would not be able to remove a song from a playlist if you do not like it. You can skip as many songs as you like on Spotify premium.

Free Spotify Premium Account


As promised, we’ll share a free Spotify premium account with everyone here today, so we’ve shared five accounts below.

Why are there just five accounts? Since several people update their account passwords. Which of the following would not allow all users to create an account? We also have a minor fund issue. You will assist us by making a financial contribution.

Here we always share the new account at 9 pm, so you must visit this site daily at 9 pm if you want to get a Spotify premium account for free.

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[email protected]teamith12312-Month
[email protected]NCC746561-Month
[email protected]shannon1-Month
[email protected]shakira1-Month
[email protected]ilikepie4US Accounts
[email protected]mackenzie2002US Accounts
[email protected]rebeccaUS Accounts
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There is no reason to worry if an account is not working, you can get an account to try next day or you can join our telegram in which we keep sharing daily accounts and bookmark this site. Otherwise, you can miss the account

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FREE Spotify account features

If you wish to enjoy all the features of Spotify premium but do not want to pay for it, well, then you are at right place. Click on the link provided here to download the Spotify premium apk file. You can get all the features given below in the free Spotify premium.

No ads

No ads

If a person is using Free Spotify and does wish to upgrade it to Spotify premium. Then, one of the reason is ads. The free version of Spotify does run a lot of ads.

They do run different type of advertisements like audio ads, display ads. The audio ads run for a maximum of thirty seconds. There is no streaming of any advertisements on Spotify premium while streaming of songs.



If you are music gig and do love to listen to the real music of any album then you. Just have a good quality audio earphone. Apart from the earphone, what does matter is the audio quality of songs. The free version of Spotify does not play high-quality audio.

You can listen to high-quality audio on Spotify only in its premium version. The premium version of Spotify plays sounds on 320 kbps speed and even more to 540 kbps speed, which makes the song very original and beautiful to listen out.



 When someone is travelling, then the one who does love to listen to music gets excited about it and puts their earphone on and plays the music. But when they play it on Spotify free version, it plays online. And the problem of it is that while travelling the signal do goes up and down.

Spotify Premium does offer an offline mode option, in which you can download the songs and listen to them whenever you want, wherever you want. Travellers do get a bonus while travelling. Not only that, but it also helps people who do not want to waste data on streaming a song.

Play song


The variety of songs on Spotify is too high. But, there are too many songs which could not be played on the free version of Spotify. On Spotify premium, you can listen to any songs which are on Spotify, in whichever quality you wish to. It is said that the total number of songs on Spotify premium is about 33 million songs.



If you wish to listen to a song which is not available on Free version of Spotify and is only available on Spotify premium. Then you can listen to the song by whichever method you wish to listen to them. Either in online mode or offline downloaded mode.

Skips & Shuffle


If you wish to skip a song from a playlist in the free version of Spotify. Then it is not possible to do so. You can not skip too many songs in the free version. But, you can skip as many songs as you wish to in the paid Premium paid version of Spotify.

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