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Blockman GO is a free-download game app that provides players with access to online minigames that you and your friends can play. Each game features a block-style art design and customizable avatars for you to dress in any style you want. There is also an in-game chat system, providing a convenient way for you to interact with your friends.

There are various arcade-style games in Blockman GO. Each of them combines elements of battle royale games with graphics reminiscent of Minecraft and Roblox. Moreover, there are extensive settings options you can try out to experience new adventures in each round.  

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What are the games in Blockman GO?

There are various minigames in Blockman GO. Among the notable ones is Sky Block, which offers the same gameplay as the original Skyblock Game, but with the addition of mine-exploring, boss-challenging, and time-limited tasks. Then there is the Jail Break, where you and your friends as either police or prisoners and try to one-up one another. There is also the Bird Simulator, where you play as a bird trainer.

Bed Wars is also included, which has similar gameplay as the standalone game. Here, you and three other players will destroy the enemies’ beds while simultaneously protecting your own. There are also the Sky Wars and Sky Royale games, which share the same mechanics but with a few differences, such as game maps and treasures to collect. Finally, there is the WWE Simulator, which lets you join WWE matches.

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As mentioned, the app has a built-in chat system, so you can hold a conversation as you play, either private or in a group. It also comes with extensive customization options, which lets you design your own avatars. Note, however, that the character decoration that the system provides depends on the gender you chose. Be mindful in creating a character since you cannot change your gender. 

Fun online multiplayer game

Blockman Go is a fun game where you can engage in fun clashes with your friends. The app provides access to many minigames, all of which come with exciting sandbox gameplay. It also has character customization, giving you creative freedom when it comes to your avatar. Some games could use a few improvements. Overall, it is a multiplayer platform that you can enjoy.  


  • Several multiplayer games
  • Extensive character customization
  • Built-in chat system
  • Easy to join games

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  • Cannot change character gender
  • Some games have lots of hackers
  • Connection issues

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